Technical Services

TS MULTITECH SDN BHD is a company registered under Companies Commission of Malaysia(SSM) and has been established @ Menglembu, Ipoh, Perak.

Our main target is to venture into businesses of mechanical and engineering services such as pressure vessel, boiler, boiler service and repair contractor, power plant service and repair contractor, piping contractor and also providing Inspection, Maintenance & Services of engineering quality.

General Services :

  • Our technical services is mainly to help to obtain design approval for imported pressure vessel and steam boiler from oversea.

  • To register local or imported pressure vessel, steam boiler & electrical chain hoist / good hoist / overhead travel crane / lifter and LPG bulk tank & Fuel Gas Pipeline with Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan (Department Of Safety & Health) – JKKP/DOSH
  • To provided non-destructive test (NDT); Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Hardness Test (HT), Ultrasonic Thickness Test Measurement (UTTM), Ultrasonic Test (UT) & Dye-Penetration Test (PT) services.
  • To provide safety, health & environment services and training.Consultancy in Occupational Safety, Health & Environment (FMA & OSHA).
  • General Mechanical & Civil Engineering Works : Supply Equipment, Dismantling, Installation & Commissioning.

Specialized Services :

  • To provide services for submission, inspection & registration with JKKP/DOSH, JAS/DOE & Bomba Malaysia.
  • Technical services in engineering :
     Submission & Registration for factory and machinery with JKKP/DOSH.
    Submission, Approval, Testing & Registration for Steam Boiler, Unfired Pressure Vessel & Chain Hoist/Good Hoist/Crane/Lifter and LPG bulk storage facility & Fuel Gas Pipeline.
    To design and provide technical drawing for pressure vessels & structural’s.
  • Unfired Pressure Vessel, Steam Boiler, LPG bulk tank & Fuel Gas Pipeline, Chain Hoist/Good Hoist/Crane/Lifter & Chimney:
    Supply, services, repair, dismantling, installation and commissioning.

Other Services:

  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Control (HIRARC)
  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
  • Chemical Exposure Monitoring (Area & Personal)
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation Examination & Testing
  • Stack Emission Monitoring
  • Fire Prevention Equipment
  • Illumination Monitoring
  • Noise Risk Assessment & Control
  • Air Gas Tester (AGT) for Confined Space Area
  • Safe Work Procedure (SWP) & OSH training
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplier
  • Welding Procedure Specification (WPS/PQR/WQT)

Unfired Pressure Vessel eg. Autoclave & LPG Bulk Tank – Supply & Submission for Design Approval, Testing & Registration with JKKP (DOSH)

Steam Boiler, Electrical Boiler & Thermal Oil Boiler  – Supply & Submission for Design Approval, Testing & Registration with JKKP (DOSH)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Bulk Storage facility & Fuel Gas Pipeline – Permission To Install (PTI) and Permission To Operate (PTO) with JKKP (DOSH)

Overhead Traveling Crane / Chain Hoist – Supply & Submission for Approval, Testing & Registration with JKKP (DOSH)

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