DOSH is the short form of Department of Occupational Safety and Health in Malaysia. They launched the DOSH certification where the local government recognized mandatory certification standards. Companies that do not go through DOSH certified related products, can not enter the Malaysian sales.

The purpose of the Department of Occupational Safety And Health (DOSH) as part of the Labor is to prevent injuries, and protect the health of construction workers. Just like any other organization, there are safety and health hazards that can be found on the construction site. DOSH has guidelines and standards that will help to minimize incidents and protect the employees of the construction site.

All employees in any organisation need orientation, understanding and training for the protection and health policies, risks and urgency issues and avoiding them. This equally holds good for new joiners, employees returning from extended leave and also to retrain the existing employees whenever there is a change in equipment or process or introduction of latest tools or systems.

Before finalising on training, it is important to do a job hazard or job safety analysis. This will help you to identify the risk areas for which training will be needed. Ensure to include all employees in the discussion.

Next, you review your company’s hazard, accident, injury history which will help you to prioritise the areas needing highest priority of training. Refer Department of Occupational Safety And Health (DOSH) to understand and apply the DOSH standards in your company.

Companies have to obtain the right permits depending on your business with either the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement or the Division of Occupational Safety and Health.